Askr Yggdrasils – The Ash Tree Yggdrasil

There stands an ash called Yggdrasil, A mighty tree showered in white hail. – Poetic Edda

Forn Siðr – Followers of the Old Customs

Preserving and protecting our native European culture as our identity is everything, the loss of identity is the greatest crime against self anyone can imagine.

Wyrd bið ful aræd – Fate remains wholly inexorable – The Wanderer (Anglo-Saxon Poem)



Völkisch Movement

Völkisch Movement Jung saw the primitive or Shadow of the Germanic folk repressed by a millennium of Christian moral bondage. When what is natural to an individual or an entire folk is repressed it will come out eventually in some form or another. It was Jung’s concern that the Germanic Shadow be brought to consciousness …

Egtved Girl

The Egtved Girl (c. 1390–1370 BC) was a Nordic Bronze Age girl whose well-preserved remains were discovered outside Egtved, Denmark in 1921. Aged 16–18 at death, she was slim, 160 cm tall (about 5 ft 3 in), had short, blond hair and well-trimmed nails. Her burial has been dated by dendrochronology to 1370 BC. She was discovered …

Heathen and mythological elements in English place-names

*Note: This article is only intended to be a general survey of many of the more prominent place-names containing theophoric or supranormal elements, and is intended to spur the interested lay reader to further research. It is in no way intended to be comprehensive or represent the latest scholarship on the subject. For some further …